Isobel Gunn

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The year is 1805. A young Orkney lass brazenly disguises herself as a boy and is hired on with the Hudson Bay Company. Their destination – the vast area of wilderness known as Rupert’s Land!


Based on true accounts the piece unfolds as an epic storytelling poem written and performed by Deborah and set to orchestrated music by composer Howard Alexander. Deborah toured "Isobel Gunn" to numerous locations in Canada and was featured at the Scottish International Storytelling Festival, Edinburgh 2019.


Isobel Gunn is available for $25

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The Truth About Trees

Grace Ferguson comes to the alarming realization that her life's about to end after a doctor diagnoses an inoperable brain tumor. As the effects of the tumor grow, she decides that maybe death needs a little help in coming.


Setting out on her final journey, she lays to rest a lifetime of experiences. Her past takes root in her mind as her relationships with her philandering father, supportive partner David, and best friends branch out in her thoughts.


Sixteen-year-old Grace discovers sex under a large oak tree. Young adult Grace grieves the loss of a lover. She discovers the big city. A family emergency sets her packing for home…


How does each leaf of our lives help us grow? How do they join together to shape the landscape of who we are?


Canadian author Deborah Dunleavy explores the honesty of relationships in The Truth About Trees, a chick-lit novel that connects to the controversial concept of taking one's life while also pondering the romantic, tragic, and lighthearted moments of being alive.


Whether you are just beginning to experience adulthood and family, surviving a serious illness, or taking stock of your own life as you mature, Dunleavy's novel tugs at your heart.



The Truth About Trees is available for $25

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The Crystal

The Crystal - a playful trip around the world. Created through the magic of Dunleavy’s storytelling prowess. Over 100 minutes of stories on two CDs. First aired on NCPR - North Country Public Radio in Canton, New York. Enjoy Deborah’s personal stories and Canadian folktales. Be transported by her legends from other corners of the world. Musical interludes by Howard Alexander.


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