*** Novel Release Fall 2015***



We Are All Going To Die

"We are all going to die and that makes us the lucky ones." So says author Richard Dawkins in his book, Unweaving the Rainbow. But for Grace Ferguson, the lead character in Deborah Dunleavy's newly released novel The Truth About Trees, the prospect of dying is anything but lucky:


"Grace knew she was dying. She might not remember what day of the week it was or whose birthday she had forgotten but one thing was for certain - the lottery of life was coming to an end. This was the antithesis of the ultimate jackpot and she had won big time."


Novelist Deborah Dunleavy explores the choice to die with dignity and the seasons of life in The Truth About Trees, an earnest exploration that reveals the realism of living while life is quickly coming to an end.


A sexual experience underneath an oak tree blossoms into a discovery of love. The loss of a partner seeds leaves of grief. The move to the big city of Toronto branches out into new experiences, cut short by the tragic illness of a family member. Each of these memories takes root in Grace Ferguson as she is about to die.


Dunleavy writes in a compelling manner that resonates for all who have experienced the loss of a loved one. An accomplished storyteller in her own right, Dunleavy's words provide a literary landscape full of emotion and empathy.

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In 2014 Deborah was the recipient of the Alice Kane Award from Storytelling Toronto. This December 400 people attended the premier performance of "La Befana's Gifts" A Storytelling Oratorio for Storyteller Choir and Small Music Ensemble. Deborah wrote the performance piece with her husband and composer Howard Alexander.



Deborah is the recipient of a Canada Council for the Arts Grant. The grant supports the research and writing of a new storytelling oratorio based on the life of Isobel Gunn. Gunn was a young woman from the Orkney Islands who disguised herself as a boy and was engaged by the Hudson Bay Company in the early 1800s. Howard Alexander is the composer.



At the SCCC conference held in Prince Edward Island in July, Deborah was elected as the Eastern Canadian Representative.